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~Places to spend a few minutes and places to spend a year or two~

JET Programme

- Official Site for the Jet Programme - Lots of information and documents. I believe you can download the application from here as well.

Big Daikon Forum - A forum for JETs and JET hopefuls. You can really get the lowdown on all kinds of stuff here. Be careful though, the people at BD can be a bit on the bitter end of things.

Big Daikon - Main site of BigDaikon. Some good info and resources are available here.

I think I'm Lost - Another site full of information for JETS with a forum. Slightly more positive than Big Daikon, but I rarely went here.

Study Abroad

SUNY Albany's Study Abroad Program - I went though SUNY Albany to go to Kansai Daikokugo Daigaku. Lots of great places to study abroad, and financial aid galore. (At least for me!)

Kansai Gaidai - Kansai Gaidai (Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku). Fantasticly located between Osaka and Kyoto, I had a great time there. Not so tough on the acedemics, but a great experience nonetheless.


Dual Potential - All of your Megami Kouhosei (Pilot Candidate/ Candidate for Goddess) needs can be met here.

Non_Plot - LJ Community dedicated to quality character development.

Web Comics

Gaming Guardians - I love this one!!! Read it NOW!

Something Positive - Also very good.

Matazone - Home of cannabalistic kitties. :)


My DeviantArt Page - I only have scraps up, but please take a look and comment if you like.

NaNoWriMo - November is National Novel Writing Month... Are you up to the challenge?

Doodlebug - My randomly (and rarely) updated doodleblog.

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