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12/14/03 (01:36 AM)

So tired, and it's not even that late yet. o.0 Oh wow... I just realized that the clock is gone, despite the fact that I have looked up to check the time repeatedly.

Anyways... I fixed the damn oekaki link, so you can oekaki with ease. Also, I updated the downloads links. I have to upload some more music, and I think I may revamp the site. (again *dies*)


11/08/03 (01:36 AM)

11/8/03 (5:19 am)

Links are up. That was a pain in the rear, but now you can see how I like to waste my time. Do visit some of the places I have listed. The stories are pretty good.

I'm so tired... I need to shower and hit the bed before the sun rises, so no more updating for now.

11/7/2003 (2:52 am)

About me and Downloads are up. They're really crappy too. o.0 Enjoy.

11/7/2003 (2:34 am)

Lookit! I have a new layout. It was a lazy one, but it looks okay. Iím going to be making up a downloads page soon, so keep an eye out for an update on that.


11/07/03 (01:36 AM)

I updated and stuff.


2/06/03 (01:36 AM)

Well, I updated the site, and I think it looks good. I just need to add that content :P I have a new subdomain. It's Jennie's. She made my first sluggie pic ^^. To see it, go to . That's it.

I haven't been up to much outside of school, but in school I've been fairly busy. I've been doing more homework this semester. 0_0 right? Well, I even *cleaned my room!* too.


I'll write more later.


1/25/03 (01:36 AM)

Hello! The only reason that I'm doing this so I can see my name on Alicia's blog thing. He he he!

-MoJo JessJo

12/20/02 (01:36 AM)

Blarg I'm sleepy.

Alicia's coming home on Saturday. YAY!!! ^-^ We're gonna go see lord of the rings together ^-^

My dad is pressuring me to get a job again. I've been looking for one. I have on lined up for when school starts, it's just intersession that's bugging me. He wants me to help out financially. In other words, he's in debt, thinks it's my fault even though it's not, and wants me to bail him out.

I've been working on fanfiction again. I should have more of my series fic up..... once lets me post more. Yeah, i put up my "You know you're a final fantasy character when" list up MONTHS ago. I just got in trouble for it. They won't allow me to login to my account for a bit. Everyone's just gonna have to be patient.

Well HI to everyone again. Sorry to all the peoples online i talk to. I'm not on as much anymore. MAGIC: THE GATHERING ROCKS!! *cough* I'm going to have to teach it to alicia when she gets here. I might have to borrow someone's deck though


Anywho, i don't really have anything profound or deep to say at the moment. This is Alicia's nifty little blog. Purty ne?

I'm really glad the semester is over with...

Howdeh to all the peoples in albany I won't be visiting for a while!!!! Bye Bye to Jason-kun and the Terry!!! *huggles both* Have fun with whatever you decide to do!! Don't forget any of your friends back at SUNY Albany!! I still have to send Christmas cards! o.o *Steals Terrykuns Kuronekosama* *laughs maniacally!!* *leaves a Tonberry plushie in it's place* there ye go. ^-^ *skips off*


A major chapter in my life closed today. I'm not referring to postponing finishing college until after my enlistment. I'm talking about the people I've come to be a part of and take on as a part of me over the past two semesters. It really hurts to lose them, but I know that I can't let that make me lose sight of what I need to do for MY life.

Just to recap, I'm going home for a while, and until the continued stream of paperwork about my recruitment advances once more, I'll be working full-time to chip away at student loans, as well as start paying my own health insurance. *sighs* Gonna be hell... but I knew what I was getting myself into when I made this choice. Yeah I survived the semester, but barely. And it's neither healthy nor mature to just limp my way from semester to semester.

But I guess I'll run down the list. Just for something to look back on and spark memories.

Jason - Really the best male friend I've had at this college. He doesn't judge, and he doesn't carry around baggage to swing at me after I've put both feet in my mouth time and again. He's the guy with all the great humor, a member of the uber-geekdom trio (him, myself, and another friend John), and a joke to pick up any situation. He really goes out of his way to console and try to understand me whenever he can. His new D&D alignment has been decided to be Empathic Analytical. Words really don't do him justice, as he's been my support for this entire semester of dwelling with the girls and everyone. I'll probably write something further about him in the future, when he's counseling me from afar.

Jessy - Kind of on the fringe of our group, Kay's reclusive roommate, still very much someone I've assimilated bits of. Her with her subtle bounciness and her artistness. Again... at a loss for words.

Jess - Alicia's roommate, Jason's girlfriend...... and... my counterbalance. Whatever either of us has gone through this year, it's only a matter of time before one of us set off the other. I mean... I certainly don't hate her. I never would have made attempts to actually mind my smaller actions around her if I did. I think the feeling is mutual, but Jess is always kind of an enigma. Every time I think I've got something figured, there's another knot in this rope I'm following. I think she's a good person at heart.... as I like to think that I am. I guess we're both just the most sensitive in the group. We feuded endlessly, and at the end of things now.. I don't think we're really any different than we started. No more, no less. Maybe when she no longer has to deal with my physical prescense, we can actually become true friends.

Val - The bouncy slightly-less-reclusive ninja chick eyecandy of our group. The only one besides me to have indulged in cosplaying previously (at AN2002; she was Sakura from Naruto, I was Ryuichi from Gravitation). There was always something.... magnetic about her. Nothing I could ever put my finger on, lest she remove it for me, but there nonetheless. Definitely a bit more tolerant of me than most others, although God only knows why. At one point I thought I was harboring a crush on her, but it may just have been some base personality and physical attraction. *shrugs* Hey, another friend of the suite agreed with me that she's a very appealing woman. Yeah, I'll miss her too. Like everyone else above.

Alicia - We dated last semester, after a rather spontaneous getting together at Yaoi-fest. We were cute and cuddly, but it fizzled. After sorting some things out over the summer, we ended up dating again. It was blissful for a while, but me constantly doofing things up when in a group made it apparent to me how lacking I was in maturity and awareness. I couldn't stand burdening her with that, so we respectfully broke things off. And I admit, I still find myself "what if"-ing the whole situation. Should I have let her support me through it or did I make the right choice? In the end, "there's no difference between making the right and wrong decision; all that matters is how far you stick to your own path." (Aoi "Zaki" Himezaki - Project Justice) Anyways, Alicia still kept me under her wing, offering me warm words and warm hugs when they were needed, as well as the occasional MUCH needed booting. 'Licia, when you read this.. Thanks, and luv ya. *hugs*

Kay - *smirks* The constant unchanging maven of all things snarky and shiny. So long as I know her, I feel that Kay will always be as I know her now. That's not meant to say she won't grow as a person like we all do, but it's just an intangible her-ness that she has. She always ends up poking me towards the things I end up liking most, and while she's not one to go to for coddling, at least tonight she understood and allowed it when I hugged her along with everyone else. Even returned the gesture somewhat. Normally she'd threaten castration for such a gesture of physical affections.
Kay is someone who I feel always has, and always will, inspire me. She's the one who's approval of my works and theories makes my self-worth soar. From when she first lugged me over to her place to watch MK at 11 at night, then taking 3 hours of babbling to watch 3 episodes, booted me out. Some of my most enjoyable nights at SUNY have just involved the two of us, our chinese food, and whatever anime we're watching/analyzing at the moment. In her ways, she's brilliant and full of her own kind of snarky wit. I'll still never get tired of her truly infectious smile and equally spreading laugh. She may not be the person I GOT closest to, but I still always fondly remember all our times spent together. Kay, thanks. ^_^

Well.... overall, this entry lifted my spirits a little bit, but it's also slightly augmenting the pain of leaving. Guess one just has to accept the hits that come to them.

Thanks anyone who cared to read this all the way through. *hugs*

I suppose I'll have to end up doing a follow-up entry about my non-local friends as well. *smiles softly*


12/19/02 (01:36 AM)

I didn't feel like paying money that I didn't have for a livejournal. Instead, I went out and found nifty code that lets me put my website to USE. ^^ I think I may use this as a personal journal, but then again, I may be lying. I think it may be nifty for keeping track of my updates at the very least.




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