Devoe Census Records
When   Where   Name Age Date Born Relation Occupation Other
7/23/1850 Locke Ellijah Devoe 40 NY head
visit 152 Samantha 36 NY wife
George 12 NY son At School
Dwight 10 NY son At School
Ellen 9 NY daughter At School
Phebe A 7 NY daughter At School
Anna 5 NY daughter At School
Dorr 4 NY son
Strang 2 NY son
Armilla? 10 m NY daughter
6/15/1855 Summerhill Samantha Devoe 41 Tompkins Co head Resided in town 1 year before
visit 128 Dwight 15 Tompkins Co son census was taken, owns the land
Anna 10 Tompkins Co daughter
Dorr 9 Tompkins Co son
Strang 7 Tompkins Co son
Armelia 5 Tompkins Co daughter
Lutica 4 Tompkins Co daughter
Elijah A 1 Cortland Co son
6/26/1860 Summerhill Samantha 46 NY head
PO: Locke George 23 NY son Laborer
visit 151 Dwight 20 NY son
Ellen 19 NY daughter
Pheba (sic) 17 NY daughter
Dorr 15 NY son At School
Strang 12 NY son At School
Armilla 11 NY daughter At School
Luticia 9 NY daughter At School
Albert [Adelbert] 6 NY son At School
6/14/1880 Owasco Adelbert Devoe 23 NY head Farm Laborer
visit 194 Jennette 32 NY wife Keeping House
Charles 7 NY son At School
Arthur 4 NY son
Alice 2 NY daughter
Dorr was a baby…
6/4/1900 Owasco Martha Herrick 68 Jul 1831 NY head
visit 29 Frank 32 Oct 1867 NY son Farmer
Sarah M Alger 78 Oct 1821 NY sister
Dorr Devoe 20 Jun 1879 NY servant Farm Laborer
6/8/1900 visit 88 Adelbert Devoe 48 Sept 1851 NY head Farm Laborer death record: b 1853, m 7 y
Jenette 51 Aug 1848 NY wife b not found in Niles 1847-1850
Arthur V 23 Oct 1876 NY son Farm Laborer
Jennie B 17 May 1886 NY daughter At School
Chester 12 May 1888 NY son At School
6/1/1905 Auburn Dorr Devoe 25 head Coal Driver
42 Lewis St Catherine 21 wife
4/9/1910 Sennett Dorr B Devoe 28 NY head Farm Laborer m 9 y
Franklin Rd Katherine 26 NY wife father b Germany, 3/2 children alive
visit 54 Charles E 3 NY son
Ethel H 2 m NY daughter
George C Cole 50 NY boarder Blacksmith
Mary 57 NY boarder wife of George, parents b Germany
6/1/1915 Auburn Dorr B Devoe 34 head Coal Driver
66 Franklin St Catherine V 31 wife
Charles E 8 son At School
Ethel H 5 daughter
William A[rthur] 2y 2m son
1/6/1920 Auburn Louis Beyer 31 NY head Chaffeur for private family
18 Bradford St Eva? 20 NY wife
Frederick L 3y 4m NY son
August** 62 Germany father Machinist for Oil Corp? parents b Germany
Eliza 62 NY mother parents b Germany
Katherine Devoe 34 NY sister Burler for Woolen Co divorced
Charles 12 NY nephew
Arthur 7 NY nephew
May Hay**** 24 NY sister Burler for Woolen Co divorced
1/20/1920 Owasco  Adelbert Devoe 66 NY head Farm Laborer
Benson? St Rd Genett 74 NY wife
visit 99 Genevie 33 NY daughter
Chester A 31 NY son Clerk at Grocery Store
6/1/1925 Auburn Dorr Devoe 44 head Barn Farmer for Coal Co
222 Hardenburg Ave Carrie M 48 wife
John Blowers 52 boarder
Ida  61 boarder
4/24/1930 Auburn Charles E Devoe 23 NY head Tempering at Auburn Shoe
106 Kensington Ave Bernice K 22 NY wife parents b Pennsylvania
Charles E, Jr 4y 6m NY son
Bernice J 2y 11m NY daughter