Charlotte Augusta Craft-Reynolds-Armstrong...

1960 Tyre, Post Office Seneca Falls:

	Foster Craft	55
	Charlotte	35 b 1825
	Edward		20
	Augusta	15 b 1845
	Gardner	13
	Hiram		11

1870, Oliver Reynolds in Aurelius, NY age 26
and has the following children:

	Augusta		9
	Edmund/Edward	7
	Elisha			6
	Oliver			11 mos

1875, Leroy Armstrong in Genoa, age 32
and has the following children:

	Oscar 		5
	Philip		5 mos
	Hiram		4 (stepson to HoH Leroy)

1880, Leroy Armstrong in Genoa, age 35
and has the following children with her:

	Oscar			10
	Philip			5
	Elizabeth		4
	Rosella		2
	Hiram Reynolds	10 (stepson to HoH Leroy)

Hiram J was born in Seneca Falls to Oliver Reynolds and Augusta Craft, marriage Jan 13, 1891

June 22, 1878, she gives birth to son Oscar: Listed as Augusta Craft

In 1892, Leroy Armstrong in Genoa, age 50
and has the following children:

	Philip		18
	Rosa L		15
	Bert		11
	Augusta	10
	Hiram J	23 w/wife

1897, Elisha Reynolds' marriage certificate
Elisha is living in Seneca Falls, 33 yrs nxt bday, b Tyre
s/o Oliver Reynolds and Charlotte A Craft witnessed by Agusta Armstrong

1900, Leroy Armstrong in Genoa, age 53, claims b May 1847 m 40 yrs
No children listed, mother of 10, 9 still living

1910, Leroy Armstrong in Genoa-illegible copy

1920, W/William A/Rose Gifford, son-in-law/dau, age 78

October 6, 1925-She dies at the home of her daughter, Rose Gifford-5 Genesee St, Auburn
Obit in same day; survived by the following children:

	Rose Gifford			Auburn
	Elizabeth Green		Venice
	Eugene Reynolds		Rochester
	Edward Reynolds		Seneca Falls
	Hiram Reynolds		Auburn
	Bert Armstrong		Locke
	Austin Armstrong		Auburn
Remains moved to WH Meagher's 158 State St.

Her death notice was in the following day:
Died @ 55 Genesee St (typo).
Services at Baptist Church, Genoa
Burial in Genoa Cemetery.

Her death certificate: Auburn, NY
Information filled out by Rose Gifford
Death: 5 Genesee
Full name: Augusta Armstrong
Residence: Genoa
Widowed: Leroy Armstrong
Date of birth: August 12, 1827 Age: 98 y 1 mo 24 d
Born: Tyre
Father: Hiriam Kraft
Born: Tyre
Mother's info "unable to ascertain"
From: Broncho Pneumonia
Date/Place of burial: Oct 9, 1925-Genoa

The date of birth does not make sense-Augusta would have been 55 yrs old
and giving birth to children. I think Rose got her mother and grandmother's
dates of birth mixed up. Hiram her father? Now I am confused.

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