Devoe Census Records

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Generation 1

Genevieve Ella Devoe

Birth Certificate: (Auburn, NY)
Place of birth: 35 Lexington Ave, [at home]
Legitimate: yes
Date: March 26, 1929 @ 9:35 pm
Father: Dorr DeVoe, age 45, b Skaneateles, NY
Mother: Doris Shutter, age unlisted, b Corning, NY
Note: was corrected on May 1, 1929. For what, who knows.

Newspapers Articles in The Citizen-Advertiser
Feb 8, 1938 p 6: prize awarded
July 21, 1941 p 6: at camp for the second time
Feb 18, 1964 p 5: picture
1964: birth announcement of daughter
1965: birth announcement of son
Oct 6, 1965 p 5: serving refresments at the Salvation Army Citidel

Married Michael Louis Taro, Sr

It says she is 37, making her birth year 1930...her headstone says 1928...
and if you look above, her birth certificate says 1929! How old was she?!?!

Genevieve is my grandmother.

Oscar Frank (Butch) Devoe

Birth Certificate: (Auburn, NY)
Place of birth: 35 Lexington Ave
Name at birth: Oscar Frank Shutter
Legitimate: no
Date: December 12, 1925 @ 1 pm
Father: UNK, age 23, Laborer
Mother: Doris Shutter, age 20
Note: Devoe was added sometime after original certificate filed.

There are numerous articles for Oscar involving golf and such.


Brother and Sisters

Joyce Devoe

born January 1, 1933 at 11 pm at Auburn Memorial Hospital to Doris and Dorr
married O'Connell before 1956, and lives in Auburn as of 1956

Charles E Devoe, Sr

Born about 1907 to Dorr Devoe and Catherine Baier

Auburn citizen: Oct 30, 1929: home on fire [106 Kensington Ave]
Married Bernice Shutter, sister of Doris.
More information is known, but some descendants are still living.

William/Arthur Devoe

Born end of 1912/beginning of 1913 to Dorr Devoe and Catherine Baier
1956: Lived in Firthcliffe

Ethel Devoe

Born Feb 1910 to Dorr Devoe and Catherine Baier

Auburn Citizen-December 4, 1918:
Ethel Devoe, aged 9 years, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dore (sic)
DeVoe. Funeral services will be held from the home of her grandparents at number
6 Chapel Avenue, Thursday at 2 o'clock. Burial will be in Owasco Rural Cemetery.


In the 1920 article about Dorr's arrest, it states that two out of Catherine's four children
passed away while Dorr was in Buffalo. I have found no evidence to support another child,
unless Arthur and William are two different children.

Generation 2

Dorr Burr Devoe

June about 1880, Dorr was born to Adelbert Devoe and Janet Bodine in Skaneatles, NY
According to different records, it was either June [16], 1879 or June 6, 1881.

Married Catherine Baier at 35 Franklin St on November 2, 1901-->3 children*
Catherine remarries Earl Perkins btwn 1921-1925, takes her kids with her

Married Carrie C. Graham between 1921 and 1925-->no children

Married Doris M. Shutter after 1925-->3 children*

*An article states that Catherine and Dorr had 4 children, two died while he was in Buffalo,
Doris had three children, only the daughters are known to be his for sure.

Registration card:
Name: Dorr Burr Devoe
Address: 95 W. Eagle, Buffalo, Erie, NY
Age: 39
Date of Birth: June 16, 1879
Occupation: Laborer at Clover Milling Co.
Nearest Relative: Albert (sic) Devoe @ Wasco (sic), NY
Physical characteristics: Tall, slender, blue eyes, brown hair
Date of Registration: September 12, 1918

Newspaper Articles
Auburn Democrat-Argus: Nov 8, 1901 p 8: marriage announcement to Catherine Baier
Auburn Citizen(-Advertiser):
Aug 5, 1920 p 5/6: arrested for abandonment of family
Nov 15, 1920 p 5: indicted for abandonment of family
May 28, 1921 p 5: Catherine submits papers for divorce
Nov 7, 1921 p 10: in Owasco for father's funeral
Oct 1, 1925 p 12?: Carrie died @ 222 Hardenburg Ave; age 47
June 14, 1928 p 6: finds body of co-worker in Alger barns
Jan 1, 1933: birth of second baby of 1933
Jan 13, 1949 p 10: fire @ 66 Franklin St
***Dorr+Doris were living in the same building as Earl+Catherine; interesting, huh?***

Death Certificate: Auburn, NY
Address: 68 Franklin St
Date of Death: June 10, 1956 @ 4 pm; age 75 years 4 days @ Auburn Memorial Hospital
Date of Birth: June 6, 1881; Skaneateles, NY
Widow: Doris Shutter
Occupation: Teamster for J. B. Alger Co
Father: Delfest (sic) Devoe
Mother: Janet Bodine
Informant: Charles Devoe-Auburn, NY
Note: Not ever in armed forces, no social security number
Cause: Digitalis Intoxication; heart disease
Burial: Soule Cem; undertaker: Lester Brew

Typo: Terrill should be Taro.

Brother and Sisters

(Note: listed this way because only info known is from census and obit data;
a notice in the paper in 1921 states who was "in town" [Owasco] for Adelbert's funeral,
Janet's obituary was 1928, and Dorr's was in 1956.)


Genevie, Alice, and one other??--
1900 Census: Genevie (Jennie B) born May 1886
1921: Alice Wood was in Marcellus and Mrs. William Marquart was in Auburn
1928: Mrs. Burt Shorkey and Mrs Cecil N. Pearce of Syracuse, Mrs. William Marquart of Auburn
1956: Two sisters; Alice Wood and Mrs. Genevieve Bevier of Syracuse

1921 Auburn Directory: Marquart, William (Carrie) caretake Country Club h First Ave


Chester A, Arthur V, Charles--
1900 Census: Arthur V born Oct 1876, Chester born May 1888 1921: Charles was married and lives in Canoga
1928: Chester in Auburn, Charles still in Canoga, no Arthur listed

July 4, 1935: Chester A Devoe of 68 West St, Auburn died in 48th year of age
Burial in Owasco Rural Cemetery

There is a Charles Devoe buried on Owasco Rural Cemetery: Dec 13, 1936...I am not sure
if this is Dorr's brother.

Generation 3

Elijah Adelbert Devoe

September 19, 1853; born in Summerhill, NY
Married Janet Bodine
October 31, 1921: Critically ill at his home, 21 School St [now called Sherman St]

Death Certificate: Owasco, NY p 90 of Deaths 1914-1922
Date of death: October 31, 1921 Age at death: 68 years, 1 month, and 12 days
Occupation: Laborer
Father: Elijah Devoe born Summerhill
Mother: Samantha Covert born Summerhill
Burial: Owasco Rural Cemetery; November 2, 1921
Cause: (found in cemetery records); aneurysm

November 25, 1921--Auburn Citizen, legals section:
The Board of Trustees of the Owasco Rural Cemetery Association, in a special meeting
at the home of the President, J. M. Bevier, this 12th day of November, 1921, does
hearby order the following minute be placed in its record:

"In the death of Adelbert DeVoe, superintendent of the Owasco Rural Cemetery, which
occurred at his home October 31st, the Trustees feel most kindly the loss they have sustained.

"Mr. DeVoe began his labors occasionally in the cemetery as far back as 1891, and
for two decades had been caretaker and for the last few years had been trustee and
superintendent, becoming so familiar with all details that his services were invaluable.
He was always planning to beautify the grounds and used every precaution that
all things be done in order.

"We feel sure that all lot-owners and the undertakers who have been called here
will unite with us in appreciation of his long and faithful service, and in
extending sympathy to the stricken family.

J. Morris Bevier
William Lockwood
P. E. Spafford
F. M. Prentice
W. T. Cuykendall

All information from here down is from "Genealogy of the Deveaux Family" by Thomas F Devoe, 1885;
pages of which were posted to the "DaVar/Dever" mailing list at RootsWeb, which I
have copied and pasted into one giant .txt file, if someone wants a look-up of more information, or those
DeVoe's not included on the page (ex: children of brothers/sisters). I am not responsible for transcription errors
because I do not have the full book, I have a portion which is a copy of a partial copy I found in the Cayuga County
Historian's Office. I have slightly formatted/edited/compliled these entries.
Thank you to for posting those messages. Too bad that address doesn't work anymore.

I also found a large pedigree file randomly on google by Doyle W. Kemp of Tallahassee.
I have confirmed some of this by finding census records and wills, and will note such findings with [...].

Brothers and Sisters

George W. born 1838 NY marr. Bessy Williams
Dwight D. born 1839 single died 1862 Gulf of Mexico
Elenor [Ellen] born 1841 [must have died before 1855]
Phebe A. born 1842
Ann E. [Anna] born 1844 single died about 1865
Dorr born 1845 NY single died 1865
Strang born 1847 NY died 1871
Armilla born 1849
Letitia [Luticia] born 1851 NY

Generation 4

Elijah Devoe

Born 1809 NY to Benjamin DeVoe and Letitia Holmes
Married Samantha Covert (born 1814 NY) in 1833, Cayuga Co
Occupation: Pedler

Brother and Sisters

Eli DeVoe b 1791 Owasco d Niles, NY m Mary Si(b/k)ley and Lucina Smith
Jesse DeVoe b 1793 NY d 1868 Wolcott, NY m 1818 Rebecca VanFleet
Moses DeVoe c July 22, 1795 Ulster Co, NY d 1899 Groton, Tompkins Co, NY m three times
John DeVoe b July 12, 1805 Owasco, NY d June 1882 Binghamton, NY m Rachel DeWitt
Luke B. DeVoe b 1812 NY d UNK m July 4, 1838 Susan Maria Crosier @ Cuyahoga, OH
Jemima DeVoe b 1813
Sarah Ann DeVoe b 1815
Maria DeVoe b 1817; married Nathan Waldo
Nelly DeVoe b 1819

Generation 5

Benjamin DeVoe

born 1770 at Somerstown, NY to Thomas DeVoe and Hannah Tompkins
died 1819 at Owasco, NY
Married Letitia Holmes (b 1772 NY) at Somers Town, NY (AKA "Stephentown")
Letitia had been previously married to Abraham Van Houton

Brothers and sisters

Joshua b 1756 Morrisania, NY d 1846 Dobbs Ferry m Hannah Lawrence (d 1847 Dobbs Ferry)
John b 1758 Morrisania NY d 1840 Greenfield, Ulster Co d1840 m Sarah Travis (remarried John Turner)
Fredrick b 1760 Morrisania NY d 1830 Greenfield, Ulster Co m Sarah Angevine (b 1762 Greenfield Saratoga Co)
Hester b 1762 m Daniel Dexter
Sarah b 1764 Morrisania NY m#1 Wm. Travers m#2 Joseph Mills Dec 26, 1795 Bronx
Elizabeth b 1766 Morrisania NY m Joseph Putney
Mary (Polly) b 1767 Morrisania NY m Benjamin White resided Yonkers, W. C., N. Y.
Elijah b 1769 Morrisania NY d 1856 Auburn, NY m Elizabeth Gonzales (b 1776 NY d 1846 Owasco, NY) 1795 Ellenville, NY
Susan b 1773 NY m Jonathan Smith
Hannah b 1775 NY m Benjamin Fisher

Generation 6

Thomas DeVoe/Deveaux

born 1730/2 at Morrisania NY to Frederick DeVoe, Jr and Hester Dy(c)kman
Married Hannah Tompkins (b abt 1730 d Greenfield, Ulster co, few years after Thomas)
1800 Greenfield: While attempting to stop a forest fire, a tree limb fell and killed him

From "the book:" page 164 (my copy)

After his father's death he leased of of the Philips' Manor farms in Lower Yonkers...
confiscated in the year 1785, at which time...was in possession of Jacob Taylor, and
afterwards purchased by him in 1785.

Several years before the Revolution had commenced [he] moved to the upper part of Somers Town
(about 9 miles from Peekskill), then known as "Stephentown." He had previously married Hannah Tompkins,
the aunt of Hon. Daniel D. Tompkins [Gov of NY 1807-1817 and VP of USA from 1817-1825].


The father was said to have been a fine looking man, naturally gifted from the examples set by
his parents; these together with an intelligent wife, were enabled to bring up their children,
although numerous, yet with much credit. They, however, had poverty and considerable stuggling through
their early life, but their later years were blessed with a general prosperity and happiness with
their numerous and intelligent children.

Among this large and growing family were several stout boys...anxious to seek a western home...
[Elijah's] glowing letters induced his father to arrange his affairs and follow on with loaded teams...
at last [after several weeks] they reached a wild-looking country, which afterwards became known as
Greenfield in Ulster County, NY.


In the year 1800...[Thomas died, Hannah soon after] and both lie buried in that place.

Brother and Sisters

Hester's Children:

Frederick Devoe b abt 1710 m Jane Doty (b 1712) 1755 Westchester bur Woodlawn Cem
Hester Deveaux b 1712 m Peter Banting 1735 NY
Abigail Deveaux b 1716 m Jacob Brown

Mary's Children:

Daniel Deveaux b 1722 m Auley (Alliday) O'dell (b abt 1722) 1754 Westchester
David Deveaux b abt 1723
Mary Deveaux b 1724
John Deveaux b Feb 6, 1726/8 Morrisania d 1813 m Maria Bennett (b abt 1728) May 25, 1750 Bushwick, LI
Leah Deveaux b 1730 m Isaac O'dell (b abt 1730) Nov 4, 1749 Westchester
Abraham Deveaux b 1735 m Elizabeth Parcells (b 1732)
Sarah Deveaux b 1738 m Nathaniel Tompkins

Generation 7

Frederick J. DeVoe, Jr

born 1684 Harlem NY to Frederick DeVeaux (Sr) and Hester Terneur
died 1753 Morrisania NY
Wife #1: Hester Dy(c)kman
Wife #2: Mary O'dell (b abt 1684) 1721 Westchester

Brothers and Sisters

Jacob Deveaux b May 1, 1678 Harlem d young
Rachel Deveaux b May 1, 1678 Harlem m Johannes Dy(c)kman (b 1690) Feb 12, 1707/8 Westchester
Hester/Esther Deveaux b May 8, 1680 Harlem m Levi Vincent (b abt 1677) Westchester
Susannah Deveaux b July 1, 1682 Harlem m Andrew Naudain (b 1668) 1698 Westchester
Daniel Deveaux b 1686 Harlem d 1772 Westchester m Margaret Colyer (b 1692 Harlem) Aug 24, 1714 Bronx
Abel Deveaux b 1688 Morrisania m Magdalena Hunt (b 1688) 1717
Mary Deveaux b 1689 Bronx m#1 Eavourt Brown (b abt 1687) m#2 Joshua Bishop
Leah (Lena) Deveaux b 1691 Bronx m#1 Peter Gendron (b abt 1690) 1710 m#2 Nathanial Bailey
Dinah Deveaux b 1694 Bronx m#1 Lewis Guyon (b abt 1692) 1712 m#2 Tobias Cochlin
Joseph Deveaux b 1696 Morrisania m#1 Sarah Blom (b abt 1698) May 8, 1725 m#2 Sarah Montayne (b abt 1696)
Judith Deveaux b 1698 Bronx m John Barhyte (b abt 1718) 1778
Abigal Deveaux b 1700

Generation 8

Frederick DeVeaux

born 1645 Annis/Aunis, France to either Daniel "of Harlem" or A. Deveaux
Church affilation: Dutch
Married UNK first wife in Manheim, Germany
Married Hester Terneur (b 1650) June 24, 1677 in Harlem
Probably sailed on ship Diamond in 1674 to USA with brother Nicholas

Brother and Sisters

Nicholas Deveaux b 1641/5 Aunis, France d 1717 Hackensack, NJ m#1 Maria See/du Cie (d Hackensack, NJ) 1666 m#2 Margaret Jans 1706
Daniel Deveaux b 1660 m Hannah Frans (b 1662/3)

Generation 9

A. or Daniel Deveaux

According to Thomas' book, it's Daniel. According to the pedigree, it's "A."
Either way, this person was born about 1615. Wife's name is unknown.

And that's a wrap! If you have additional information (with the exception of descendants;
this page is lo~ng enough...) to add, please let me know by emailing me at the address on the HOME page.
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