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Welcome to!

This is a personal site I started more than four years ago on a whim during freshman year. I haven't done much with it over the last few years, but I've been working on it a bit lately. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Right now there is a bit about me and my adventures in Japan up. Hopefully life will continue to inspire content: keep checking in for updates! Also, you can see the most recent progress below. (Minor changes may not be listed, but major ones almost always are.) Feel free to contact me for more information on anything you see here on my site. :)

01/27/2006 (3:27 pm (Japan))
Two more sections were added to the Geisei section: winter, and fruit. Some other small changes were made. Pictures should be up soon, in theory. I really need to update my music too. Heh. Please, read the new sections and enjoy!

12/06/2005 (4:27 pm (Japan))
After working on the message board, I realize that I totally forgot to provide a link to it. That was rather silly, wasn't it? The link for the message board is now at the top and bottom of each page, or you can click here.

I've started a page that discusses more about my life in Geisei, and that can be found here. Pictures will be posted eventually for most topics mentioned.

I just noticed that the current layout is almost a year old. Instead of a birthday for it, I should try and design something new. Well, a birthday doesn't really sound all that bad either...

I've also done some small edits to the index page, and reviewed the links page. (Wow, it looks... useful! I'd forgotten about that!)

11/07/2005 (11:24 am (Japan))
Halloween fun was had, and pics were taken!

08/17/2005 (11:42 am (Japan))
Oh my GOD, this was a PAIN IN THE ASS, but now (after messing up my all of my other pages which I will have to fix after this) I can proudly say: my code does not suck!

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional Valid CSS!

And soon, I shall post a Bobby icon! I just have to clean my other pages up. After lunch though... :)

08/09/2005 (4:39 pm (Japan))
I've updated the Japan pages, and gave Japan 2.0 a much better name. The "Japan" link will lead you to the new pages, or you can directly access new pages here.

07/29/2005 (3:28 pm (Japan))
Well, since I'm back in Japan, I decided to keep track of my adventures. I'm going to have to generate some content, but for now I present you with: Japan 2.0! (A better name will be given in the near future...)
*edited 08/09/05* Link now leads to new page

12/09/2004 (11:58 pm)
New layout. This one is rather plain, but it should look better than the last one I had up, and it should work with lower resolutions.

I'm working on a general overhaul, so I'm going to try and update all sections, and include some pictures and commentary about my stay in Japan.

I've been working on scanslating some Street Fighter things. Eventually I may post some yon koma, and/or bits of the Ryu Final manga. I can't say that I'll be translating well, but it should be great practice.

Downloads... *siiigh* I should put some things up. There are a few songs that I may put up that I actually got legally. (I love artists that give free downloads <3 )

That's about it for now. I'll be trying to tweak things in the layout, and then get bored before I'm done most likely. We'll see...

11/7/2003 (2:52 am)
About me and Downloads are up. They're really crappy too. o.0 Enjoy.

11/7/2003 (2:34 am)
Lookit! I have a new layout. It was a lazy one, but it looks okay. I'm going to be making up a downloads page soon, so keep an eye out for an update on that.
If you want a mail account, just e-mail me at: alicia(at) .

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